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Best seats (my title must be 15 characters long)

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Daily driver focused but would like to shave some lbs, spice up the interior fit/finish and be more comfortable/supportive in corners (5-pt compatible in case I'm feelin squirly). Still gotta be able to recline & lean forward for rear seat entry/egress. Budget is up to $2K, but if I could get all that for $500 I'd be happier!

What-cha got?
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I'd look for Sparcos or Recaros...$500? No chance...$2000 would be a nice pair
Lovin the Recaro Sportster, but yike$!!!
Will the 2012 Boss 302 or GT500 seats bolt up???
Will the 2012 Boss 302 or GT500 seats bolt up???

Also, does anyone have/sat in the Recaro Sportster?
Unless you plan on hardcore tracking is it really worth it? If you go cheap they will fade... I bought corbeau and they faded in 2 years.. more so than the 19 year old stockers..... It was a FX1 pro 300 bucks down the drain...
YES! Not a hardcore racer but I feel the fox interior is in desperate need of classing up a bit. I don't care for power/heated seats or tech gadgets galore...just good quality materials that are ergonomic and practical. Seats alone go a long way to that end.

I came to the same conclusion about corbeau.
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