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Best thing about the 05 GT?

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Hey guys,
Well, I went and priced an 05 GT the other day and I can't stop thinking about the car I drove. It was a redfire GT premium with upgraded interior, and wheels. It also had the shaker 500 and a 5 speed manual. I didn't get to fully test her out and the drive was a short one since we weren't suppose to take one out for a dest drive. I was blown away by the increased performance (I've got an 01 GT with no mods), and the overal feel of the car. My question is... what is the best thing about the new GT over the previous model? I'm going back to hopefully buy one near the end of the year... got the dealer to go down to $350 a month (with my trade-in). Thanks
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Well, first off, it's the first ALL NEW Mustang in a long while. The frame is actually the same frame they use in the Jags so it's quite a bit stifer than previous years and how can you not notice that front end ?!?!?! Engine wise, the heads are now three valve instead of the previous two valve. That's three things but I think they are important.
The main difference for me? The LOOKS. The old one just looks plain jane to me, really no connection to the old musclecar stangs of the 60's. Rounded roof on an edgy body didn't look right to me either on the previous model. With this new one, it's a different story. Assuming they never changed for 2005, no way I'd be driving one now.
The best thing? Just the way you feel driving this thing every day. Whether you're stuck in traffic and getting looks or if you get to punch it and feel and hear the 300 horses giddyup. I bought mine without even sitting in one, much less test driving one. There was no time to hesitate.
What they said!

Nothing to think about... body style, engine, handling (needs some work but hey...), interior features/style and 'room', AM parts avail (more EVERY day!) etc...!!

At this price!!! Can't beat it with a stick! Promise!
I guess I should have been more specific... I really wasn't talking about the looks because I think it looks so much better than the last mustang. I was talking about the way it drove. One thing I noticed that I really liked was the new exaust note... it sounds so sweet under full throttle! Anyways... I was just trying to find out what yall liked best about it over last year. For me... I'd say the performance feels so much better... it put a big smile on my face when I got to drive it (and that was driving conservatively). Oh... and one more question... I've got the mach 460 in my mustang now... is the shaker 500 good enough?
Engine, brakes, handling (that still needs work), exhaust note, oh SHIFTER is oh so much better...

I like my 500 but mostly I listen to the CAR!
How can one decide between that agressive front grill and the performance? Love that roar when u stomp on the gas
What's the best ting about the 05 GT

The rear view mirror! I like that big S*#t eaten grin every time I look at it.:hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:
:evilchuckThe grin in the mirror... This is what I'm saying!

The solid feel on the new body. Far superior over the fax platform. Not to dig on the fox. Lord knows they got there money out of that platform.
I also like the way you sit in the car. It doesn't look like it by the car stance on the outside. But, you really sit more reclined and lower than the last model. It's almost like sitting (I said almost!) in a vette or Ford GT. IMHO, it makes you feel more sporty/race car drive. Probably subconscious...

Also, the shifter placement. MUCHO BETTER feel and placement. No more knuckle busting ….
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