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Best Tuner for 2008 Mustang GT-CS ??

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Hey guys, new here. Just picked up a GT-CS and have plans for mods...

I just picked up a Volante Intake and plans of buying a mac catback exhaust.

I hear there is a lot of hidden power behind these tuners, which would you recommend and why ?

Thanks, Jay
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when ur asking about a tuner do you mean the handheld?

if so then you should go SCT

If your talking about the person who'd tune it then IMO best bet is a dyno tune. I see ur in LI look @ Realspeed Automotive and Dan Carlson. Guy is great!! has done all my work.
SCT is the dominate hand held used and supported by the biggest shops. They are both good machines. The key is getting the right "tune" in the hand held to upload to the PCM.

IMO - dyno tune is best. Again if your on LI go see Dan @ realspeed and tell him Dave B sent you.
bamachips is the shop... SCT XCal is the handheld
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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