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Best way to refill manual transmission

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I am contemplating changing the fluid in my MT82. For you guys who have done it on jack stands, how did you refill the transmission ?
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OEM/Fluid transfer pump (25713) | Fluid Pump |

I did it this way (on jack stands with this hand pump). But its not easy, a big pain in the ass. ONE QUART FLUID TRANSFER PUMP: Automotive

I have one of these and it works flawlessly with no leaks.
I do mine, on ramps with a funnel that I rigged. You'll need to pick up the funnel. It has a cover and a handle on it, also has a 24" to 26" tube attatched to it. At the bottom of the funnel, there's a dial you turn to open and close. I had to get an L shaped tube to attatch to the bottom of the tube. It will fit right in, and the funnel is large enough to fill the tranny. You have to go through the top under the hood. Find a spot to take a zip tie, and attatch it to the handle. Fill the funnel with the amount you need, and turn the dial to open the funnel and you're done, Mike. P.S. Sometimes it pays to be creative. :bigthumbsup:bigthumbsup
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