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Billet Fuel Door

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Anyone add a billet fuel door yet? Have pictures and a link?
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So just how many bolts are there on this thing - two? Does one side hang loose then or what?

Billet Fuel Door (install answer)

It has 3 bolts. Here is the quick install info:
--Remove the two bolts holding in the current fuel door (on the left) and remove the fuel door
--Remove gas cap wire and cap from removed fuel door
--Take gas cap wire and cap out of current fuel door
--Take out both grommets on right side (where door hits when it closes)
--Install gas cap wire into top hole where grommet was removed.
--Fuel door has three bolts, two where the original bolts were and one that goes through the bottom grommet that was removed --Door fits snug (perfectly) onto those three bolts. Nuts, washers, lockwashers go on and you're done.
Note: The only challenges were getting the gas cap wire through the top grommet hole and getting the nuts tightened on the three bolts. You need a very short (ingnition type) 3/8" wrench to get in the small space to tighten nuts, washers and lockwashers.

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