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birthday -new shoes

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My ride is one year old and I got some new wheels for him--I got AM's- staggered deep dish chrome and Pirelli tires--245/45-19 up front and 275/40-19 in rear --So, what do you think?


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Looks great...u got to lower it an inch and a half to kill the 4x4 look though...:bigthumbsup
Nice upgrade :p I'm looking to get the 20" Foose Nitrous wheels soon from AM or Cruizin Concepts whichever as the best deal :p

I am a big fan of Chrome Wheels, the black on black is a bit over-done and doesn't always look good IMO.
u got to lower it an inch and a half to kill the 4x4 look though...:bigthumbsup
agreed 100%, IMO Ford in stock trim totally blew it.
OP, looks good, I like the retro look they give.
Ford sells Mustangs to the masses, not everyone wants lowered. It would be nice as an option on an order sheet - 1.5" drop with shock/strut upgrade....CHECK!
not exactly a chrome guy but very nice!
I like it! Has a very Muscle Car look to it now.
and all ya guys that say to lower a stang look where yas live. You have a flat state. i would love to lower mine ya cant there's potholes, dips, bumps, hills and moutains, not to mention every gas station has a 6 inch bump for a driveway to street bump
your new shoes look great and the car doesn't need to be lowered IMO , love this dude racing in his Darth Vader helmet check it out. don't me to hijack your thread with the vid just thought it was funny

‪Corvette C6 Z06 vs 2012 GTR vs ESS E92 M3‬‏ - YouTube
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