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Black Box?

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So what information is out there on this "black box" we all have onboard our Mustangs? Other than the brief statement in the Owners Manual declaring how it is secure information what's the real story? How can the data be accessed?
It sounds paranoid but I think it would be great to be able to review how the car was driven when it is being serviced, etc.

Big brother watching.
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GTNOS said:
there are not blacked out CIA helicopters with no FAA numbers tracking you, or satellites me, i work for the government. im here to help!:laughlitt
Yeah and dubya and friends are monitoring your phone and email so they can protect you.
It wasn't too long ago that the Soviet Union was helping their citizens in a similar fashion :shocked:

But seriously, older Ford vehicles have what is called an EDR or Event Data Recorder.

Ford is slowly moving away from the Vetronix system. You can see this from the list below.

List of all vehicles with an EDR on board.

Newer Ford vehicles use what's called a RCM or Restraint Control Module.
Since access to the data is exclusive to Ford it's difficult to compile a complete list of parameters monitored but I hear it's pretty extensive.
The RCM records from 5 seconds before an event upto and including the event

Here is a list of what may be monitored.

• lateral acceleration
• longitudinal acceleration
• vertical acceleration
• deceleration
• heading
• vehicle speed
• engine speed
• seat belt status
• braking input
• steering input
• gear selection
• delta v
• turn signal status
• brake light status
• head/tail light status
• hazard light status
• brake system status
• ABS status
• stability control status
• environmental conditions
• cruise control status
• throttle position
• airbag deployment criteria
• airbag deployment time
• airbag deployment energy
• time between airbag non-deploy and deploy event
• ignition cycle count at investigation and event times.

Here are a couple of good links:

Harris Technical Services


Crash Data Retreival System
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