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Black Box?

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So what information is out there on this "black box" we all have onboard our Mustangs? Other than the brief statement in the Owners Manual declaring how it is secure information what's the real story? How can the data be accessed?
It sounds paranoid but I think it would be great to be able to review how the car was driven when it is being serviced, etc.

Big brother watching.
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pcfrisch said:
I think they have to get a court order to use it.
yup. and insurance companies will have a VERY hard time getting it. its for accident investigation only. not for upping premiums. they cant pull it just b/c you were in a crash. the police have to get a court order for it. i covered this once before on here. dont worry about it. there are not blacked out CIA helicopters with no FAA numbers tracking you, or satellites either. in over 300 crashes i have worked, i have never had one pulled. the "box" is open to interpretation when it is pulled. (eg: just b/c you were at WOT when you crashed doesnt mean you were speeding.) saw that one recently. a good accident investigator will be able to figure out what happened. its an exact science. if the box is pulled it will only re-confirm what the investigator already knows. trust me, i work for the government. im here to help!:laughlitt seriously, dont fret about it.
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