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Black Friday 2012 shooping

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This will be my first "black friday/cyber monday" with my foxbody
Does any of the online stores have any good deals for BF and CM?
I want to buy some new parts but if there are some good deals I'll wait.
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Discounts for

Check out
also pm one of their admins on the site and you'll get an even better deal if your posts exceed 50
Wow never thought of this

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Ima have to check into that
One last thing.... you help identify the administrators?
what kind of discounts could they be giving out?
Latemodelrestoration already started their sale,
I need tires tho Dammm
Sharad is one to talk to about this stuff :bigthumbsup
I'm hoping someone will have a heavy discount on floor pans. I will need one soon :(
That's a nice air intake setup for less than $50 on the late restoration website

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