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Black Friday at Charlotte Motor Speedway

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Went to Charlotte again this year for Black Friday laps. A young friend also came up in his 2012 GT and did the video on his GoPro. We did two 3 lap sessions in each car. This so fun. Bear in mind that they put 20 cars at a time on the track behind a pace car, and it can be anything from minivans full of kids through F-450 pickups. You have to be VERY careful if you are going to go fast. So, we were only able to really hit it coming out of turn 2 ( last lap I hit it hard in turn one ). We had to get out of the gas only part way down the back straight. Actual top speed was over 130. Enjoy. We did. Not sure I put the link in correctly. Click on the title and it will go to it.
Louie 2012 Mustang GT - YouTube
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Pretty Cool. We used to have a GTG there every year with a bunch of us from Ford Truck World, Got kicked out twice for the high speed last lap :gringreen
That was pretty cool. I did not know you could do that (WOT) with your personal car. I have done the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Charlotte and it was the most fun I have ever had in a car by a long shot. We did the ride along first and then we got to drive one of their race cars. We could only go so fast as you had to follow the professional driver on every lap. If you got too close to him he would wave you off. If you got too close to him after two wave off's he would park you. I was able to run 141 m.p.h. down the back straight but that was after hitting the brakes about half way for fear of getting parked. The weird thing was before going into turn 3, due to the high banking, the car would want to drift down so you had to turn the steering wheel up toward the wall in order to get the proper line going into the turn. You did get used to it after a couple of times around the track. I highly recommend the driving experience especially at Charlotte.
Thanks for sharing your video.
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