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Black GT-2 1/2 weeks and Counting-Manual

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As of today I have 1200km on the car. manual. Driven highway, Residential and Rural.

Me-I am 48 years old young.

I live NW of Toronto, work right downtown, traffic is generally bad. (took the train (Go) last Friday to work, but only because it was rush hour-but rest of the week drove to the office in off times Drove 10 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee to the train station to park for the day. So have seen it all I guess.

Historÿ: Owned a crappy 1981 Cobra (112HP) and a great car 1985 HO GT. Presently being restored. Great car. Plus I have driven heavy trucks and tractor trailers etc over the years. Of course all standard. But no stick recently.

My thoughts:

This car is hard to drive. At first. 6 speed is odd to me.

Getting in reverse is odd to-Push down and to the upper left. (I have the reverse camara so know when I am in there)

Regardless of the engine I had the hardest time hitting the gears. Easy to go from 6th to 3rd. 5th to second etc. This is kinda weird. Not a tight tranny-but tricky.. Actually kinda of sloppy. Never have hit a "skip shift" 3.73 dif.

Not just me. Friends who drive Europen cars had the same commets.

However after 2+ weeks have learned and wow. This tranny is great.

Side note-never had a issue with power, just the tranny.

Took me 2+ weeks to get it down. Drove "the forks of the credit" for the 2nd time tonight. Not a place where you can go fast but tight curves and up and down hills. Plus a exciting hairpin curve. All fun. This car corners like no tomorrow and you can wind it up whenever you want.

I think part of it is that she is starting to wear in.

Power-amazing. Have got her close to 200 KMPR. No issues, Gotta be carefull here in Ontario/Canada as once you are over 50km you are deemed to be racing and really bad things happen. Car siezed etc.

Fit and Finish-Amazing. Mycolor and ambient is really cool. I have the Nav/Electronics package. Incredable. Well worth the money.

Black-Sits in garage and has not had a spec of rain. But still gets covered in dust and crap. Washed her 4 times already and it is bug season. I have the Brembo and although not hard on the brakes, lots of brake dust. For those who don;t like the wheels, as mentioned, look a lot better in person.

Some consideration-Like many have mentioned here I am getting the "tick, tick" engine noise at idle.

Conclusion-WOW. What a car. Not much more to say. Everything we could all have hoped for.
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