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Black smoke

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Alright, so I just got this 88 gt off a guy that didnt know too much about cars.. Im not too familiar with ford but Im trying to learn.. I've noticed that when my car warms up to normal temp I get some black smoke out of the pipes.... If Im driving the freeway and drop it to fourth and punch it, I get this rattling noise from the engine and my car spits out tons of balck smoke.. If I dont hear the rattle then the smoke doesnt come.. It doesnt happen all the time, just after she's warmed up and even then not always.. I was told to check my plugs and it could probably use a tune up.. ( new wires, cap, rotor, ect) It doesnt look likes its had one for a while.. Could it be my timing? Please help.... BTW, Ive noticed a strong gas smell from the exhaust but I thought it was becauseI didnt have cats....
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One more thing.. The rattle from the engine and smoke only happens around 3000-4000 RPM when Im flooring it...
Plugs and wires ect.. are a good chance.
Black is unburned/Too much gas.
Blue is Oil.
White is water.
My first thought would be that it is obviously running rich. It could be a faulty o2 sensor reading correctly and then all of a sudden shorting or something sending a lean signal causing too much fuel to be added... The rattle throws me off though, that sounds mechanical. I would definitely do a tune up first though. It cant hurt...
Ya it smells really rich.. I havent checked to 02 sensors so I will do that along with change the plugs and wires and such... The rattling sound is coming from the engine almost like a deiseling noise... When the noise comes is when the smoke comes.. No noise, no smoke.. And only when its warmed up. I thought it could be my valves or lifters but it happens only ever once in a while and only when its warm and I punch it!!!! :eyebulge:
maybe youve got some detonation too... Check the timing
dude. all that is, is carbon build up in the motor. the previous owner probably didnt step on it very often. that rattling your hearing is probably pinging, which paired up with it churning out black smoke is excess carbon in the intake and combustion chamber. get a combustion flush kit and run the piss out of it and it'll clear it up.
I think I have/had a similar issue ('91 5.0l 150k miles).

when you say rattle and desiel like, could it be similar to the sound of a stalling engine sort of sound? Because I got that when running warm and black smoke on freeways when punching it... Hows your cooling system? still on stock radiator? does your engine run warm?

I just replaced my radiator with an aluminum and a new thermostat (180 degree) and my car runs nice a strong (with no more noises/ can't say about black smoke yet) and cold. my temp guage used to read half way sometimes, and hotter in warm weather and driving hard. now it is rock stable at the first line on the gauge.

Don't know if that helps.
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