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Blinker Wire/Diagram for Park and Turn Signal

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So i am retrofitting the s550 style lights for my 2011. Originally they had a plug that replaced where the turn signal bulb plugged into. I'm wondering A) if it matters how i plug it in (don't think it matters) and B) which wires would be the parking lights and which is the turn signal leads. This is important because it'll go to my controller so when either is activated, it makes the LEDs do whichever function. Also which wires on the turn signal plug itself is which? I believe the blue with green strip is signal and purple with yellow is parking according to this: How to install a Raxiom Switchback Turn Signal Conversion Kit w/ Resistors on your 2005-2012 Mustang | AmericanMuscle

pics attached with what the connector looks like.
So I'm led to think the white is park and yellow is turn (kinda idiot proof because thats the color they would make the LEDs).
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So the white is running, black is ground, and yellow is blinker.

On the car black is ground, magenta is running, and blue is blinker on one side and on the other green i think? either way black and magenta are on both sides so the 3rd one is your blinker.
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