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BlowBy Racing 05 LNR Mustang DYNO RESULTS

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Thanks to SCT in for taking the time to tune the car.
The Numbers are 384 HP & 373 on a Mustang Dyno & 20 x 10 rims
-Stock Shortblock
-Stock Intake Manifold
-SCT Xcal Tuner
-BBR CNC Heads
-BBR Camshafts
-BBR Underdive Pulleys
-BBR Charger Motion Plates
-Stainless Works LT Headers
-Custom side Exhaust
-4.10 Gears


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There is many ways to dyno.... also (as asked above) is that on the wheels or calculated at the crank? They seem to be saying they need NOS and a SC to reach 400 on the wheels...?? Must be a typo! But makes me think (more sure now) that the 384 is at the crank...?!? 330-340 RWHP?

I'll have pretty much the same set up in a few weeks (Fox Lake P&P heads) less the cams and headers... it's going to be interesting to see!
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Wow !! That's an hour of my life I DON'T want back!

Nothing against you Johnny, I'm sure you don't run the dyno... I do hope that you'd know and let us know if your block/pistons was messed with and/or they put +100 octane racing fuel in there...!?!

Did they adjust for temp? Maybe SCT has nice cooled facilities..??

The 'angry' Ohi-ian there mentioned Fox Lake... Fox Lake used my heads to set up their program, I just got them back this week, looks awesome. The flow numbers are impressive but not like the BBR ones...?!!? I'm using the stock cams since I'll be putting on a blower days after the heads go on... Johnny, is your lift gonna be okay with addding your blower?

Now to my Q's, and again, I'm NOT flaming Johnny!

Why/How does BBR and M2 Race end up with the EXACT same flow numbers! That is imposible (or very close to), not even in two runs on the same head should that happend!

Why does BBR put in larger valves when there is no room to port the valve seats to let more through? It's like putting a larger lid on a well thinking it can hold more water!

I was in conntact with BBR but thay were allready sponsoring someone, Johnny I'd guess... and I had been told that i WANT Fox Lake to do my heads... and now they did. It is going to be very interesting to see what numbers we can achieve with pretty much the same set-up...

BTW, my heads are ported and polished and I also added some better and MUCH stronger forged Inconel valves and springs... I'll let you all know how it works out!
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R3dF1r3 said:
I too am intersted in the head job. KJ can you give us a bit more info on your mod?
I don't have all the info... it's a bit hush hush as there will be a magazine article about my heads...

I called Ron at Fox Lake today for some info for you guys...

Peak lift with the stock cams is .500, flows there was; intake 265 cfm and I'll have to get back with you on the exhaust number... He said 210 and that can't be right... :sterb:

I went with stock cams and the forged internals for future mods (17 PSI boost, etc.) With cams and a .550 or even .600 lift you can expect quite a jump!

The P&P work alone is $1200. Then if you want the guides, seals etc. needed for assembly add $300, and assembly itself ~$100... He said just over $1500 for a complete job...

The Ferrea Inconel Kit I got is quite expensive, $1500 more! It is a complete hardened/forged set of valves, springs, guides, etc., all you need to make your heads 'bullet proof', should be good for revs up to 10K I've been told! :happyhapp

Fox Lake is as you probably know very well known and respected in the racing/modding world, or the US part of it at least... :winks You can check them out at Ron (owner) also said that I should tell you all with questions to call him personally at (330) 682-8800...

He also said that NOTHING is impossible regarding the BBR debaucle... so hopefully we'll have some independent testing, all is fair and square and Johnny and BBR will show us all douptfull off! :worship

I'll be happy to try to answer Q's or find an answer... If you're interested in the set up call Ron...
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JohnnyZ said:
M2 did the original port work. BBR had an exclusive with them for some amount of time. That time is over, so M2 offers the same heads now.
Cool, thanks, that makes sense and was my guess... I asked both parties back in June or so and nobody answered... hush hush...

Do you have the larger valves? What is the idea for that? They can't have opened up the intake 1mm and the exhaust 2mm...?? No room I'd think...??

How much power is in the cams? 15-20 maybe? The reason I'm asking is so that we'll get an idea were I should be if your numbers holds up... My power adders at that point; CAI, CMDP (ported to match the heads), P&P heads, UD Pulleys, LW flywheel, X-pipe, axle-backs, X-Cal with tunes by Ken at MD. Would be nice (for us both) if I could pull +350... kinda prove your point! :winks
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Wow, that is a GREAT gain if it holds true!

No thoughts on the larger valves?
When will you re-dyno? And good luck on that, I hope it comes out the same or better!
Talked to Ron at Fox Lake today. Was in the car so I didn't write anything down but this I think is the numbers...

Lift - Intake / Exhaust CFM

.500 - 260 / 190 [max with stock cams]
.550 - 265 / 200
.600 - 270 / 210

Or something like that... The exhaust numbers are impressive concidering that is the one lone valve... It's also higher than I've seen elsewhere...
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I was there at MD ( when Ken got the e-mail from SCT CONFIRMING the 384 dyno number! I must say it felt good! Even better I'm sure for Johnny and BBR now when it's out a Corral! I guess as a part of this site I should not redirect you so please return after looking at that thread! :winks I'm sure too you'll see we're nicer and better behaved here too... lol

Eric from SCT and Ken from MD comes in on page 9... making it even more interesting! I think this is the biggest drama about 'nothing' I've ever seen in the Mustang world! Now very many of the BEST race car/engine builders, drivers and tuners are involved! Next NMRA race there will prolly be fist fights, LOL! I hope not!

Below are some 'stolen' parts my friend and tuner Ken wrote... I glued them in because he's talking about my car and heads! Hopefully they'll go on next week and we can show some great numbers and maybe ppl realize mid to high 300's is possible addin cams...!?!

"If you want good dynojet numbers on a NA 05, we are doing a set of Fox Lake heads on a car very soon. We already have the heads on the shop. We are just waiting to schedule the car in. It will retain the stock cams though.

Knowing how bad my flow numbers were and how good the 3v's can flow (based off of Fox Lake's set at my shop) and the possibility of a good set of cams, I don't see why 350+ couldn't happen with stock compression. I'm certainly not going to bash a company based on theory and what people "think" a combo will do. Now, if the next few cars out there aren't making that kind of power, then maybe the results here will be suspect. But until then, I think you should reserve your bashing and tone it down a bit. This just seems like a witch hunt."

"Funny how you are telling me how much a 4V FS motor makes when I tuned the world record holder in that category. Maybe the average NMRA 4V FS motor makes that much." I think my car and I are in good hands...!??! lol, kj :tongue
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So what is the story on the motor...?? We got the race fuel Q sorted out...

Has it been out of the car? What was done to it? Is it still a 281 with stock compression?
My Fox Lake heads flow about the same as the BBR set up. I don't have cams (waiting for SC cams.) I'll know by the end of the week what my car do on a correct set DynoJet with most of the bolt-ons + heads and LW flywheel, and a custome tune by one of the best... If I'm close to 350 BBR has a case...!!
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There will be LOTS-A cams comming out now... you guys at SEMA fill us in, I've heard that there was plenty to choose from, GT SC, GT NA, GT Turbo, V6 NA, V6 Turbo.... Street, street extreme, drag...
mustangaretuff said:
Looks like things got pretty heated about this issue. The one thing no one really talked about was the "area under the curve" You know the amount of power an engine makes over the entire operating range. You can see by the dyno results that the cams and head prefer to be reved a little to really work. I think that is what make the number believable. I would have been inclined to call BS if the low - mid range had increased significantly
Yea, that's that 'home ground' cam that is said not to last too long... same for the cam actuators and VT...

That's also what makes it compair to a Stage III cam... not for [normal] street... it will sound tuff, it will go like hell but do you wanna heel-toe drive all day long to keep it 'idling'... and downshift for 4K+ RPM to have some/any(?) 'get-up-N-GO'...?!?
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