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Blowre Pulley Change Help

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Ok, so I'm trying to get this blower pulley off and it's fighting me a little bit. I have googled a little bit and I saw where someone stuffed a clean rag between the rotors to stop them spinning but the way the magnacharger's front inlet attaches to the jackshaft, that's not an option. So I tried wadding up a rag on the rear pullies and it just eats the rags and wasn't working. The torque spec is 45 ft/lbs. Makes me wonder if it's over that. Anybody got any pointers other than rags in the rotors? Maybe I could take the CAI off and snake a 3/8" rubber fuel line in there to stop the rotors. Does that sound like bad mojo? Ideas?
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I wouldn't go stuffing any foreign objects into the rotor set personally.. I'd first try jamming the jackshaft at the rear of that thing if anything (like with a wedge of rubber cut from an old tire or a used belt or something similar) Or... put your serpentine back on and tension it, then use the belt wrap around the supercharger front pulley to hold it in place while you loosen the jamb nut. Hit it with an impact wrench to help "shock it" and break it loose then from the looks of it you could easily slip a 2 or 3 jaw pulley puller over it to do the rest once the nut is off. (I'm just going off of google image search for reference)
you got me on this one then boss. as far as the drive system turning after the rotors seize, could it be the rear of the jackshaft slipping against the belt?

Wish I knew more about the Maggie.. I'm just shooting from the hip over here.

Amendment to that.. Just though it through some more, I'm guessing (assuming) you're trying to turn the bolt counterclockwise and thereby rotating the shaft, pulley, and everything else with it? Could it be there is a one-way clutch pulley in there somewhere? That would explain why you can turn the drive mechanism (backwards at least) even if the rotors have been deliberately seized by a foreign object.

I can see the logic for having a one-way clutch pulley in the system to eliminate sudden belt strain from the heavy rotors spinning down when you lift off the throttle. The same basic reason our alternators come with one. I don't know if the Maggie does or doesn't have this sort of mechanism.. just a thought.

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Glad you got that worked out! :bigthumbsup

Jeebus! Don't even get me started on that. Had the leak detection guys out yesterday and the good news is they don't think it is a plumbing leak.. the bad news is WHERE THE HELL is the water coming from then!??

It looked like the water advanced more when we put a garden hose down the washing machine drain and just let it run, but we couldn't see any leaks visually around where the drain pipe comes through the wall and there was no moisture running off the sil plate. It's in there somewhere/somehow, but just can't see what I need to see.

It's been a mess. Looks like now I'm going to have no choice but to rip up the flooring just to get a better look. Maybe I'll find and answer, maybe I won't. I've got a restoration company coming at 4 today to give me an estimate on cleaning up the moisture and any mold that may be present.

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