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Blowre Pulley Change Help

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Ok, so I'm trying to get this blower pulley off and it's fighting me a little bit. I have googled a little bit and I saw where someone stuffed a clean rag between the rotors to stop them spinning but the way the magnacharger's front inlet attaches to the jackshaft, that's not an option. So I tried wadding up a rag on the rear pullies and it just eats the rags and wasn't working. The torque spec is 45 ft/lbs. Makes me wonder if it's over that. Anybody got any pointers other than rags in the rotors? Maybe I could take the CAI off and snake a 3/8" rubber fuel line in there to stop the rotors. Does that sound like bad mojo? Ideas?
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I think they make a special pulley puller for that style of blower. I think it is similar to a 3 jaw puller that will allow the pulley to be held in place the bolt removed and then the pulley can be pulled with the puller. I have also seen that you can get the bolt undone with just hand hold on the belt below the pulley then use a 3 jaw puller to remove. Or others us a strap wrench around the pulley.
Another thing came to mind also, that some pulleys need special tools to install them also, or need to be pressed on sometimes. The install tool normally is bolted to the shaft with pulley on the shaft to be pushed on, then connected to a pusher piece with bolts on it to press the pulley on. Others can just be pushed on the shaft by hand and pulled the rest of the way on with the existing bolt. Just something some may or may not know. :bigthumbsup
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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