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BMR Strut Tower Brace Reinstalled

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A few months after I installed my BMR Strut Tower Brace I had to remove it because the Midwest Intake Plenum Cover would not allow it to fit.

Below is a tread I wrote on the YMR web site with pictures of the brace reinstalled after being modified. :)

Enjoy :drool:
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yeah um, im a mechanical engineer, and i would say you just f*cked the integrity of that brace. i would of cut the plenum cover.
I would be suprised if it bends. The mods that I did to allow me to use it with the engine cover are just as good as some of the other sturt tower braces being sold by other companys. I added extra tubing inside the BMR tubes and then capped it off with a cover. All this is wire welded, bead blasted, and inspected for flaws. So I dont think I F****d it to much. Only time will tell?

By the way I'm a Fire Equipment Mechanic by trade so I am use to fixing things that the engineers design to be used!! :laughlitt
The car didnt come with it on there so anything you added was a bonus anyway. Looks like you did a good job on the cuyouts.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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