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Description: Mustang & Ford Small Block V8, 1962-1969 Volumes 1 & 2 Combined

Written by Bob Mannel, this exacting study traces the evolution of the Windsor V-8 from its inception in 1962 until 1969, the end of the production run.

The two-volume book is divided into nine chapters in the first volume, each looking at the engine’s incarnations during a specific year. Included is a detailed look at the High Performance 289, later known as the K-Code engine. Volume two consists of 12 appendices—each devoted to specific categories of information; for example, Appendix C discusses carburetors, while Appendix D is devoted to distributors and ignition. This arrangement makes it easy to find the information you want quickly. The text is written in plain English—easily understood by both the layman and expert.

The beauty of this work lies in its extensive coverage of detail, and it is user-friendly and fun to read. There are lots of excellent photos, something new to learn and how to recognize it. This book has earned a permanent spot on Mustang enthusiast reference shelves!
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# Paperback: 1 pages
# Publisher: RPM Press (April 1998)
# Language: English
# ISBN: 0966274105
# Product Dimensions: 1.2 x 8.5 x 11.2 inches
# Shipping Weight: 4.5 pounds
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