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boost brothers turbo system on fox?

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Hi i have the option to buy a boost brothers turbo kit for a good price. It is brand new and has everything to fit it on a sn95 5.0 mustang. Thats the bad part :) i have a fox mustang. In the discription it says can fit 89 mustang notch with slight modification. And i have search for other kits and they all say that they fit the 89. So my question is has any body tried this and can the tell me what needs to be modified to fit this kit in a fox? Or is the kit no good in the first place? I have been looking at the on3 kit too.
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I would just Buy an On3 kit for your car call it a day...why but a kit that doesnt fit your car to make it me thats a no brainer.Buy the right kit from the start..Turbo and cheap isnt in the same sentence...DONT even think it is..Im into my turbo build for 11k that the kit,TF top end kit..meth injection,fuel upgrades,tune..and labor i had a shop do the whole me it was worth it...I could do the work just NO time...I would just buy a kit thats made for it...
The price is 1000. Hes had the kit for 3 years sitting in his house. And all the little stuff is still in the packeging and boxed up. I have done a little looking and have found that some people have made the kit work. But not sure what all has to be modified yet. Looking at what comes withe the kit im thinkin it might not be so bad. Im already $500 ahead of the on3 kit

You will spend $500 more the the on3 kit to make the boost brothers work...Like i said Cheap and Turbo doesnt go...Wish you luck...You can buy a complete On3 kit with the Y-pipe all fuel upgrades,etc for 2k..IMO thats the way to go it will bolt up with no mods...But you want to save money go for it...:bigthumbsup
With an On3 kit the sway bars remains...Tho mine is off :winks
The shop that did my install said the kit went on without one problem...Maybe they got lucky..LOL...but they have done the installs before so maybe they know the tricks to do them...:)
AGAIN the On3 kit doesnt need a new K member.uses the stock one and sway bar remains in tack...AGAIN the On3 kit complete with fuel upgrades,a start-up tune,MAF,Y-pipe to keep the stock cat around 2-2500 shipped to your door...Im into my car for alot because i did alot to it at the same time...figured it was there why not...I have a 500 dollar meth injection kit...TF top end minus the cam I wanted to stay with the stock cam,,I make pleny of HP with it enough to split my block in a million pieces...Actually im de-tuned very very safe too runs rich..i wanted it that way to keep it together...And i daily mine at least 80% of the is with me here now at work...My opinion stock long block bolt the On3 kit on safe tune 400 rwhp easy!!!!!! call it a day.....:bigthumbsup
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