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boost brothers turbo system on fox?

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Hi i have the option to buy a boost brothers turbo kit for a good price. It is brand new and has everything to fit it on a sn95 5.0 mustang. Thats the bad part :) i have a fox mustang. In the discription it says can fit 89 mustang notch with slight modification. And i have search for other kits and they all say that they fit the 89. So my question is has any body tried this and can the tell me what needs to be modified to fit this kit in a fox? Or is the kit no good in the first place? I have been looking at the on3 kit too.
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well there is much more to an install than bolting on the'll need to upgrade the fuel system, many require a new k member kit, you'll need custom tuning and then you'll quickly find the limits of your suspension, brakes and transmission...if they are all stock be prepared to shell out to upgrade all of it...not to mention the stock 5.0 in your car is pretty much a dog when it comes to flow...the hp will be severely limited without major changes to the heads, intake and cam
My simple "add a Kenne Bell" turned into a 4 year project of doing everything I just described...and don't forget, it takes cash and buckets of make sure you know what you are getting into before you dig your own money pit
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