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boost switch question

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Ive heard the Charger wet x kit should start to flow at 3 psi.

i have a xc @11 psi, and a alcohol injection systems set up.

the boost switch is set at 3 psi. when it rains hard, or after the car wash, the led activation light comes on really dim and stays on for a few miles.

this concerns me because that means power is being applied and the pump will be pumping alc....even at idle

so my question.

is there a fix.

the guy suggested that 3 psi is so lite that maybe going to 5psi+ would be better

is there a better boost switch application out there?

or if i wire it up to a relay will it take a full 12 volts to turn the relay on? i ask because if you apply 9v battery to the led its dim.... but a full 12 lights it up.
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