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Borg-Warner vs. Top Loader

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While I gather parts for my restoration, I have questions.
Will a 67 289 V8 work with a 65 -66 Borg-Warner and or top loader 4 speed?
Which transmission is better? The restoration project car in question -
1965 Mustang Fastback GT350 replica.
The 67 289 is in a junk yard car and I don't know if it runs or not.
I have a friend who,has the transmission(s),rear axle,pig along with complete but dismantled 65-66 engines. The 67 parts car has the engine,5 lug spindles, complete rear axle with brake assemblies. The driveshaft - is the length of the coupe's driveshaft the same as the fastback? Any other thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.
I may have repeated these questions in another post but I can't seem to find it.


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Both the Borg Warner T10 and the Ford Top Loader will bolt up to the '67 289 with the correct bellhousing. The Top Loader is the stronger of the two.

I think the spindles are different between the '67 and '65/'66 cars, but I'm not positive. The rear axles are a different width however. The driveshafts are the same length, there are some differences in yoke sizes to be careful of.
The top loaders are stronger and lighter. The T-10 will work but they have some quirks like gear noise and for some reason they like to kick from second into neutral when braking with the transmission unless you keep your hand on the shifter. They make a tapered 2nd gear slider to solve this, but the top loader is better anyway.
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