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Borlas installed on my new sweetness

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Just received my 06 Black GT on friday and installed some Borlas today, let me say that the sound is awsome, but the installation left alot to be desired. Did anyone else have a hard time clamping the cat-back tubing to the mufflers themselves? The reccomended 32-35 ft/lbs of torque was no where near enough to keep them from moving around, I had to tighten them a little more than I would have liked to get them to stay nicely. Do you guys feel like you've lost/added any power w/ them, I wouldn't expect much if any added power, but everytime I've installed new mufflers on my mustangs I always think im losing power for some reason...maybe im just paranoid, but has anyone else noticed any difference with the borlas(performance wise)...

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LOL. you really tried to TQ your muffs on? That's pretty hard core! I just pull till it (or me) makes a sound... lol...

You got sound and looks... prolly no power, or very little power... I have not measured and compaired (before&after dyno) but I can swear there is more low end TQ with the muffs... Had MACs and did the rolling stop thing at our 5,000 STOP signes here, did this in 2nd no gass. Put stock muffs on for a short while, had to rev, go faster, or jam it into 1st... put on these JBAs and back to smooth 'stops' in 2nd!?!
kj, thanks for the reply, what rolling stop "test" are you referring to? I know shifting seems alot smoother for some reason, maybe because I can hear the exhaust bettter.....?
Oh wow... uh...?? Kinda stopping, but not...

You know how you hit the clutch and roll up while braking to the stop sign shifting down to 1st or 2nd. If you completely stop it's going to bogg in 2nd so you'll have to rev and slip the clutch, or wiser use 1st gear. But if you roll to an almost stop, nurse the clutch up you can keep it in 2nd at (pretty much) idle... and easier so with more open muffs I think... better low end torque I'd guess... :rolleyes: or so... :cool:
ok, i know what you're talking about, ill try that out on my way to class, see if there's any change, thanks kj cinci
I've noticed alot of heads snapping at alarming rates with Borlas under WOT...
I hope you mean human
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