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Boss 302 Diff Cover

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Will this fit any 8.8 or just the newer ones? I assume it dose, as far as I'm aware the housing never changed but want to be sure before I get it. I bought 4.10s and I will install this at the same time as we do my rear gears. My stock cover is showing it's age...

REAR COVER for 2012 Ford Mustang|DR3Z-4033-B

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I'm pretty sure the 8.8's are all the same going back several years, but not 100% positive. I know they do fit my 2010, 'cause I put one on there.

If you don't mind sourcing your own bolts, you can get a super deal on that diff cover at Levittown Ford Super Center, look them up on line . . . pretty sure they call it "axle cover" for Boss or GT500

EDIT: I just checked your link, and surprised to see that TASCA has a good price on it too! I gotta remember that, since they are practically local to me.
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I'm pretty set on buying this. I pretty confident the housing didnt change but I wanted to make sure before buying it and having a $60 paper weight. Sourcing my own bolts wont be a big deal.

I'll check that other vendor you mentioned as well.
It fits any 8.8 aside from IRS. Great price too. The Ford Racing part is identical and at least twice as much.
Good. I just ordered it :) $80 total. Great deal in my opinion!

Thanks guys!
With that drain plug it will make changing fluid a hell of a lot easier!
^Yep...I'm excited about this. I wasn't planning on doing a new cover but at that price I had to get it. I now need to source some bolts but that will be easy.
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