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We all know about how when the Boss 302 Mustang came back for 2012 it was created to beat the BMW M3 around Laguna Seca. The go-fast goodies on the Boss 302, like the chassis brace that replaces the rear-seat, make it a very special machine. That particular part is now available to the public through Ford Racing.

Priced at $1,599 and apparently only for "off-road use" (ya like people will follow that policy), this kit requires no cutting or welding. The catalogue lists this as the OEM part from the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 and as such it comes in the bright orange paint used all over the Boss. This part fits all non-Shelby Mustangs from 2005 onwards including 2012, and fits on GT500 Mustangs that are 2007 or later.

In addition to a chassis brace in the kit, the cost also covers a trunk divider and a luggage cover. Now after reading the instructions it seems anyone who is comfortable using a socket-wrench could do this installation in an afternoon.

If you can swallow the price, parents who drive Mustangs may be able to bolt this in for a saturday at the track and provided the plastic trim pieces don't snap, reinstall the backseats to take the kids to school on Monday.

[Source: Ford Racing]
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