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boy racer body parts

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anyone like these or are there better?
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Boy Racer

Even though I have been in the automotive industry for over 28 years, I have the same gut reactions ALL of you get. When I first saw the Boy Racer body...I was in love...I really liked it. I mentioned that to one of my friends who actually races automobiles in passing. He said, "What looks good and what works, are sometimes far different"

If your going for looks...get what YOU like the look heck with anyone else...I'm gonna ghost flame my '06...and I am 58...I am sure someone will comment on the old fart trying to re-live his childhood, or it being inappropriate for someone of my age...or it looks butt ugly...or (fill in the blank)....but ya's not about what others's about what YOU think.

As for the "what would be better" part. See the above. Better is subjective.
Since you didnt include a link Im going to say I've seen waaay better! :rollgrin:
Louvers look nice, but I had some quality issues with them. Marketing crap says "ready to paint" but the reality was "ready for priming, painting, fixing-the-issues and re-painting".
If they have small spots / holes when you get the parts, send them back. Otherwise they fit like a snap and look awesome.
vynle said:
anyone like these or are there better?
I love the3d kit.

But is does not paint/install all that easy.

I thoroughly researched all the body kits and I still like this the best.

Although ist is not without issues.

See my post at "Need Moral support" thread.

My kit was installed and in the dark paint shop it looked if they can make it look that way in the daylight I will be happy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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