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brake booster help?

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hey guys i put the new highrise intake on. and a holly carb. where do i hook up the brake booster hose to now... on the carb in the back is a bigger hose conection that sucks in alot of air when car is running. would it go there. i can take a pic tonight. there is no spot on the intake for anything but a temp gage. and do i have to have a pvc valve anymore?
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The port on the back of the carb should work. You may want to put on a t so your brakes can go on one side and your pcv on the other. you may see quite a bit of blow by at the breathers without it.
ok should i should use my pvc than?? i have seen cars without them
Hook up the boster and drive her for a while. If blow by or oil comming out of the breather is not an issue then you don`t need the pcv. If you do burn some oil using the pcv can help with the ring seal. Good luck.
Yes, you should hook up your PCV valve. Your PCV valve removes pressure under the piston (crank case), allowing the piston to travel down with more force on the power stroke, plus if you don't install a PCV, the pressure built up in the crank case will force oil out the valve cover breather, which will run down on the exhaust.
ok i will buy one today i mean its only 2 bucks and a hose
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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