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Brake light comes on when it starts running rough

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Battery light comes on when it starts running rough

Sorry if this has been covered before, but after searching for a couple hours, I really need to get going on this.

I've got my buddys 2003 Mustang GT Conv. that runs great when it's cold, but skips, surges, bucks & everything when it gets warmed up.

I know, I're thinking the IAC, but the kicker is when it starts acting up, the red battery light flickers on. After doing this awhile, sometimes, the light will stay on for a little while even though you've let it go back to idle.....sometimes it goes off as soon as you get out of it. Sounds like a ground problem or something, but before I tear into this thing, I thought I'd ask the one's "with the skins on the wall" so to speak. Any ideas?
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