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Brake shoes replacement

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Help.. i have a 67 all around brake drums and needed shoe shoes for it..
i never worked on this before i would like to see some videos on it if y'all can help? i try you tube.. but some vids skip the part i need to know.. and most of their vehicle is not a mustang.. so mines is a lil different.. any ideas?
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Hello PonyBoy67,

As you know, this forum is for people to share ideas/questions
as we try to work on our old classics.

I am always happy to help others BUt sometimes I must WARN
people when they begin to work on an important part of the vehicle.

BRAKES - -are a VITAL part of any vehicle as you know and I could offer
a few additional ideas.

I will start with this link - -it shows in pretty good detail how to do the front brakes.

1966 Ford Mustang - Project '66 - '65-'66 Front Drum Brakes-Rebuilding and Detailing - Mustang Monthly Magazine

PLEASE understand - - we all start knowing nothing about these cars and little
by little we get better and better at repairs.

I DO NOT want you to think I am saying it can't be done - -BUT keep in mind
the brake system is SOOOO important.

If you do decide to do this project - -take close-up pictures of everything
before you start. Pay carefull attention to the positioning of the shoes.
There are 2 size shoes on each size (large and smaller).
You should also have several proper tools for the job. Sure you can change springs
with pliers BUt they make tools that are safer and easier to use.

Check your local parts store for proper tools as shown in te link.

Doing brakes is a pretty easy job once you have done it a few times.

Remember the rear brakes are a little different - -the have a piece that controls
the e-brake. Once again - -not that bad.

LAstly - - I offer these tips if I nay
1. - If you do the job - -use jack stands, gogglas and proper tools
2. - Work on one side of the vehicle at a time. You can always look at the other side as a reference.

3. - Ask at a local car/Mustang meet if someone would help oversee your job

4. - Consider taking the car to a local shop. I know this stinks but trust me - -there will be 100;s of other projects to do.

5. - If you do the brakes - -buy a spring kit and replace the springs while you are in there.

Do NOT think I can't remember being a "newbie" and having not a lot of $$$
to repair my cars. I remember VERY well.
Keep in mind - -BRAKES are important and need to be done right. You can do it
but make sure you understand things before starting

Let us know what you think

Print Dad
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Besides the video or a manual that covers doing the brakes, here's some tools you need, brake spoon for adjusting, brake spring tool for removing and installing the springs, and a brake hold down spring tool to remove and install the retainers and springs to hold the shoes against the backing plates, and a bleeder valve wrench to open and close the bleeder valves, wheel bearing grease, brake grease, a quart of DOT3 brake fluid. I personally think you need someone to help you who has done drum brakes, it's not only safety but there is a lot of places for things to go wrong, I helped my son learn to do his, now he does them by himself. Generally when they need shoes, the wheel cylinders need to be rebuilt or replaced, I spray the bleeder valves with wd40 or like several times before I start, then I loosen the bleeder valves because if one breaks off that wheel cylinder it needs to be replaced (and I replace the wheel cylinder on the other side also), also work on one axle at a time, some of the parts on the front brakes will be bigger than the parts on the rear brakes, take the drums off the left and right side of that axle, lay down a piece of newspaper in front of you, and as you remove a part, place it on the newspaper in an arrangement just like it came off, because the springs to return the shoes are different for the front shoe as compared to the rear shoe, the front shoe is different than the rear shoe(this lining is longer) this is talking about the shoes on one axle, if you plan on rebuilding the wheel cylinders you need a variable speed drill and a brake hone as to clean up the wheel cylinder if it is pitted too much, it needs to be replaced, wheel cylinders are cheap, they are about 5 or 6 bucks more than the rebuild kits. Only do one side at a time and leave the drum off, so you can compare to see if you put a part on wrong. All reusable parts will be cleaned with hot water, put a plastic pan under the backing plates and use some hot water to wash the old brake dust off (you might want to wear a mask), and a wire wheel or a wire brush can be used to clean up the self-adjusters. This is just getting started, you might want to get a manual, check out, I usually buy all my manuals from there now. If you need the rest of the procedure, I will type it. You might also check out some of the mustang sites, like mustangmonthly, they might have something in the how-to or tech section. Good Luck. Print Dad you beat me, I was still typing, good job.
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Hello rex1965,
Thanks for the helping.

I am always a little hesitant to write a post
that may seem like we don't want to help.

That is FAR from my intention - - but as you know
and graciously pointed out - - Brakes can seem a bit
complicated at first.

They are so damn important as well.

So to the "newbies" out there - -keep in mind
we all LOVE to work on our cars and save some
$$$ in the process But there are times when it may be wiser
to have the job done or at the very least - -have someone
help that has done the job before.

No matter what the job - -ALWAYS keep safety in mind

Rex, keep them replies coming - - well done

Print Dad
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The most important thing, that has already been said, do one side at a time. Take the drum off the other side so you can see, but don't touch it until the other side is put back together. I did my first brake job in 1967 while working after school in a gas station. I STILL do one side at a time, even disc brakes, just in case...........
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thanks guys.. i havent been on here... a bit busy.. but im thinking so convert the whole front brakes from drum to disc...
my drums are not working to well. as hard as i step on that brake pedal the car still rolls.. but for the conversions what do i need to purchase. i do see some on but besides the kit they come in. is there anything else i have to get along with it?
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