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Breathers and how to clean the oil residue

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Hey guys, i recently just bought a great 99 cobra, and the previous owner installed breathers on it. My question is how do i get the yellowish stain off the valve covers? Its really been annoying me, and basic cleaners wont get it off. Also, what are the pros and cons to breathers? Thanks a lot!:bigthumbsup
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Anyone help please?
Brutal Metal said he puts sweat bands on around his breathers to keep the oil from leaking all over. Breathers let the build up of crank case gasses out of the engine. Stock the gases are dumped into the intake which burns any oil in the gases and is not dripped on the ground. Oil mixed in you air/fuel is not good for performance so breathers or a catch can are used.

It will probably take something harsh to clean the yellow off, maybe a degreaser. Whatever you use be careful not to get it on any thing else as it might eat rubber or plastics or even paint. I remember a friend's dad was a mechanic and had a side shop at home. He used this purple stuff to clean parts that dripped down his tool box and ate the paint right off.:nono:
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