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Brembo Brakes for 2005 Mustang GT

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I've been looking at some parts and I was curious about Brembo brakes for my 2005 GT. All I can find are front brake kits. Are there rear brake kits as well?
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If you want the Brembos the closest you could get to a matching rear set would be to install the same type of drilled/slotted/whatever rotors on the back, and colormatch the paint and paint the calipers. However, ssbc has a kit for the s197 mustangs, and a matching caliper/rotor/pad for the rear axles. It's not matching in the strictest sense as far as pistons per caliper, and piston size, but it'll be as close as you could come to manufacturer matched front and rears. The ssbc rear is a single piston caliper with an integrated parking brake. Their website is, and they have a doodad that helps you choose brakes based on application. Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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