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Hello mustang fans. I have a 1986 GT Mustang convertible that I bought new. The car has 140 thousand miles and has been parked about 5 years. I am having trouble starting it. New battery, pulled the gas tank cleaned it out and replaced the gas filter. The engine cranks but will not start. The code reader at Key On Engine Off saids # 23 Throttle Position sensor signal out of range and # 82 Air diverter solenoid circuit fault or supercharger bypass fault.
1. What Throttle Position sensor should I purchase?
2. Where is the Air diverter solenoid located and do they call it something different in the ford manual?

Thank you


T Maher

Welcome to AFM! Let me move this to the 5.0 tech section for you and get you some quicker help. Thanks for joining and I'm glad you're bringing the beast back to life!:bigthumbsup
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