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Building 5.0 HO

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I'm starting to make a shopping list of what to buy for a 5.0 engine I'm planning to put in a older mustang.

Its a 90's motor couldn't tell exact date, but its a HO.
Its use will be driven daily, but still have good power, and decent mpg for highways.

I searched abit but not many go too much in detail.

Thinking aluminum heads 64cc (Port and polished) with flat top pistons, useing existing HO roller cam, crank/ext.

What kind of compression would I be in, I want to run on pump gas, I think highest near me is 93, what comp with what gas?
Any more advice on what parts to use from where would help too.
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if you are going with aftermarket heads, there is no need to use the old cam, you'll be needing a good aftermarket intake, cam and headers to get the potential out of your build, Trick Flow makes some of the best stuff, but check out the "search" option at the top left of the page, this is a well hashed out topic.
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