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I'm building a 1973 Mach I that I've had for about 12 years. I haven't driven it except for the first three months I had it until I blew a hole in its original block. I'm finally getting some extra $, so I want to finally get it on the road.

It has a new 351C 2V motor from FoMoCo. The motor is completely stock. I have the Edelbrock 2V Performer intake on it and a Holley 650 cfm double-pumper. I have a set of Hooker headers on it as well. I have a set of mild Crane cams in my garage that I haven't decided to put in yet. It has a race built C4 behind it with a 2200 rpm stall converter. It uses the Digital MSD and distributor.

The cams/lifters/springs are all stock, as I haven't decided to install the new ones, yet.

It has the stock rear-end and suspension. Which means the rear sags a little. I'll have to fix that...

I'm curious as to how much power this set-up will make. Does anyone have any experience with such a mild build that can give me some info? It seems that most of you guys are running much more aggressive set-ups than I am.

Any info is greately appreciated.

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