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bumper deformation

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I had some paint on the rear coming off. I got that repainted. While it was in the paint shop I thought it might be a good idea to also paint the front bumper. Someone scratched that in the parking lot. They did a good job. However, after a couple days sitting in the sun the bumper started to deform around the lights.

The first reaction of the dealer was that the Paint shop didn't re-install the bumper correctly. I just think that the bumper couldn't stand the heat.

Check it out... Anyone else have this problem?
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I've had my car since Dec 04 and never had a problem like that. Was the bumper taken off to be painted? If it was, have the paint shop check it.
I'm inclined to agree with the dealer. The bumper is likely installed in a bind perhaps they installed the isolator(Number 11 in the attached pic) upside down if thats possible or if they baked the parts in a paint booth perhaps it was warped from that and they manipulated it enough to look good at first but eventually it warped back. In any event take it back to the paint shop.


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I doubt that a brand new car in this day and age would have any trouble taking some heat.
I think mudman88 is on the mark - mine is black and has been baking in the So Cal heat wave we have been having - had it since October and at least THAT part is okay. :winks

For once, the dealer may be the innocent part here. :what:

I know, hard to believe.

Hope it gets fixed.
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