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Bumper Question

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Does anyone know if it would be possible to actually chop off the top of the v6's bumper then put on the Roush or Saleen grill? This would save hundreds of dollars for those who want a new grill but do want the GT bumper fascia. Is everything you need to install the Roush or Saleen under the v6 bumper cover? What does everyone think?
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Im pretty confident i could make a saleen fit without any cutting of the bumper, and slight modification to the grill itself. The problem lies within the v6 bumper and what the grill would look like with it. It has never been done and therefore could look like crap.

So.... for me it was: Is $200+ worth the risk? For me it wasnt.
Colonel, what do you think would need to be done to get it to work?
Dont quote me on this, but it is my understanding you do not need the GT surround for the saleen grill; the others like roush for instance, you do. I would have to see the back of the grill but I bet for about $15-20 i could find the right stuff at Home Depot/Lowes to form a mounting bracket, and use 3M for a little extra security.

Theoretically by looking at the Saleen grill, you would have to grind down some of the back, and secure the back of the sides to the stock upper bumper (in between the headlights and grill area) with 3M after making a mounting bracket. The grill may stick out a little further but not by much. If worse came to worse, you could cut the sides of the grill off to match the stock grill's dimensions and take it that direction.

It sounds complicated but its not. I just don't know if I would want to spend that much $$ on the grill, only for it to look like dog $h!t on top of the stock v6 bumper after a little DIY. If someone wants to buy me one,... by all means lol :bigthumbsup
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