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bumping up the torque

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I have a really nice '04 SVT Cobra 'vert with a K&N air filter and a std. re-tune from SCT. Does anyone think I could experience an increase in HP/torque if I added some type of after market air intake unit? The car is pretty fast as it is, and I don't see myself getting much more out of it....

Your comments would be much appreciated.

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OP, this article is a nice read, shows before and after results of each bolt on item, cai, catback, and pulley. I have done the cai, and catback with no tune. My results are not much over stock. I plan on a pulley with tune this winter as well as upgrades to the suspension, I have bad wheel hop. The results in this article seems to be consistent with what other guys are getting. '03-'04 Mustang Cobra Performance Test - 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine
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