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burning up solenoids....

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I'm getting one good start out of each new soleniod (86 5.0.) and even then the solenoid keeps sending juice to the starter. The starter keeps running and I have to get out and disconnect the battery.. .Please Help
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Are you using the stock '86 style starter, or did you upgrade to the '92 (or whenever) high torque unit? The later syle starter uses a different wiring/cabling scheme. You can try circumventing the ignition key, by hooking 12V+ (straight from the battery) to the small post on the 'noid. Do that and see what happens, and then relay the information to us.
Sounds like an ignition switch issue if you still experience it after changing out the solenoids.
I second the switch as a suspect.......
Try a different brand solenoid. I dont even recomend Motocraft nowadays. They dont make em like they use to.
We happen to have bad batch of Ford solenoid here at work, especially Motocrafts.
solenoid, con't

replaced the ignition switch, replaced the pissed off and towed it to a mechanic. After I get it back and find out what was wrong I'll post it here, in hopes of helping someone out down the road...Thanks---Cardio
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I had the exact same problem. when my first did it I was at a friends house and key was out of the ignition and it cranked up. Starting rolling forward, bumper another car. Was not a good site. Anyways. i went through about 4 of them. finally got the most expensive one around. Than right after that my alternator went out. Replaced it and no problem at all. I got a GP SORENSON gold or something like that.
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