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Buying '93 GT - what do I need to look for?

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Howdy - In 1993, I bought a GT right off the showroom floor. In an effort to relive my youth (and have some fun with my son), I am looking at a '93 GT for sale in my area. Since I sold my original GT with 26,000 miles on it (not a convertible), I'm not sure what goes wrong with these with age. It's got (gulp), 99,000 mils, but appears to have been well maintained. What do I need to have a mechanic inspect closely? What should I expect to need to repair or ask if it's already been taken care of? I've read some about heater cores - is there a way I can check that? I realize it's almost a twenty year old car and it's gonna need some things - I just want to know what I'm getting into. Your feedback is much appreciated!
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Welcome to AFM! 99,xxx on a 93 is excellent mileage. Is it a stick or an auto? Does it have mods or is it stock? Suspensioin components would be a good thing to check for wear. If it's a stick you'll want to check out the clutch. The 5.0s will run forever when maintained. I'm sure the Fox Body guys will chime in with specific things to look out for.

Thanks for joining and keep us posted!
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