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Buying my first Car/Mustang

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Hey Guys and Girls,

I'm looking at buying my first car ever. I'm 19 and live in Massachusetts. I'm looking at some Mustangs(huge fan since I was little). I'm having trouble. The mustangs I've been looking at are up to $20,000. Here's the Mustangs

2014 Ford Mustang V6 Premium
$19,373 with 36,976 miles.

2012 Ford Mustang V6 Premium
$17,998 with 18,360 miles

My Problem is that I'm a first time car buyer(I do have Good credit). My dad is telling me to buy a car less then $6,000 but all those cars have over 100,000 miles. I would finance the car and pay monthly also I would have to pay insurance. What do you guys thing buy a car close to $20,000 with lower miles or buy a car less then $6,000 with high miles for a first car. (was looking at mustangs for less then $6,000)

Thank You
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Agreed with the 20k being a bit too much for your situation. Plus if you get a V6 I can almost guarantee you that sooner or later you're going to want a V8.

Mileage is but a number if it's a car that's been taken care of
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