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Buying my first mustang

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Hey everybody. I just finished registering so uhh hi. lol. I'm finally getting the job i always wanted at the end of this year which of course means i get to finally become the owner of my first mustang. :nogrinner.

I have been wrestling with two issues in which i hope i can get help with. first of all should i get a used one or a 2010 model. and second stick or automatic. I have always wanted to learn how to drive stick and i would like to buy it stick shift. only thing making me doubt if i should is that i live in nyc, so that might be a bit harder to do. regardless of which mustang i get (07 and or newer if its used) i am getting the V6 to start out and learn in so i can later on go for the V8.

All opinions welcome!
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Welcome aboard and good luck on your decision.
well if you've never driven a stick before and live in an area with alot of traffic, be prepared for massive leg cramps:gringreen. whether you get a an 05-09 model or the new 2010 stang is realy up to 2 things, which style you like more and even more, your budget. keep in mind you can probably still pick up a new 08-09 mustang from a dealership for a good price (yay for rebates:shigrin) if you want to pick up the waranty with it.
I really like both but prefer the 2010 look more. My main concern if i buy a manual is gonna be just how quick i burn the clutch and how much its gonna cost to replace it. Any idea?
:wavey :myhappydance: :happydancer: Welcome!!​
I don't even like to drive my beater into the city. It gives me the chills just to think about it the Stang in the Big City. It will take you all of a day to learn how to drive stick, the fine tuning with come with more experience.
Welcome to the forums :wavey
Hiya, welcome to the site.
Welcome to the site.
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