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Buying My First Mustang

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I have a budget of around $3000. I was going to get a 2000 Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord, but now I have the Mustang fever and would like to get one. With such a low budget is it worth it to get a Mustang or just stick with one of these other vehicles? Which year would probably be best for me? Also was wondering if a manual made it more fun to drive or if I should stick with an automatic. Thanks in advance!
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If you are okay with a V6, your $3,000 budget shouldn't be a problem. This car going to be driven in the winter? Where do you live?

I personally would buy a 94-98 GT over a 99-04 v6 though because they go for almost the same price ($2,000-4,000). If you could come up with a little more money might be able to find a 99-04 for $4,000 or so with high miles.

Just look around, these are great cars.
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