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Buying My First Mustang

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I have a budget of around $3000. I was going to get a 2000 Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord, but now I have the Mustang fever and would like to get one. With such a low budget is it worth it to get a Mustang or just stick with one of these other vehicles? Which year would probably be best for me? Also was wondering if a manual made it more fun to drive or if I should stick with an automatic. Thanks in advance!
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well if your budget is only 3k, I imagine that you have very little money for repairs. Not that these cars are known for falling apart at higher mileage, but you need to try and find the best car you can for the money (best does not always mean fastest). Now you are mechanically inclined and can do your own work, that should help things out a bit (as both engines are relatively easy to work on).

I agree that a GT is way more fun.
A manual is always more fun to drive (and would make a V6 feel a bit sportier), but your asking leads me to the questions (do you know how to drive a manual or is this the car you will learn on).....if learning, go back to my budget comment, replacing a clutch can get costly.
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