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buying used 5.0 and i need help !

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i have an unlocked sct tuner and im looking to buy a used 2011 Mustang GT and i need to know if the car has a tune or not to ensure that the car still has a factory warranty // when i plugged the sct in the car it did not ask to return it back to stock but i dont know if that is enough to be sure that it does not have a custom tune installed

please help ... is there any way to know what the stock ecu/pcm file should be on the car !?

thanks for all the help you can offer
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Wonder if you could bring it tothe dealer prior to purchasing to see...0
Yeah... Thats what ill end up doing...the dealer im getting it from will let me drive it for 24hrs and ill take that time to take it in and have my dealer take a look at it and see what they say
See if you can get it to skip-shift. If you can then I would say it's probably not tuned
Beware, if there IS a tune in the car and you bring it to the dealership you could have an issue there.

I recommend calling the guys at SCT and asking them how to check if there's a program installed on the car or not. It's probably very easily found in a menu on the device or by taking a read from the car and sending it to them.

I'd do that before bringing it to a stealership.
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Even if the car is running the stock tune now, if you have an engine failure down the line, FoMoCo will send your ECM off for an engineer to examine, if it has ever had an aftermarket tune they will void out the powertrain warranty.
I called sct already but they told me that there is no way that they could tell if there was a custom tune in the car or not....

I already spoke to a dealer that will look at the car and give me info on the warranty on the car and all that good stuff so well see what happens...

The skipshift is a really good way to tell if its tuned or not...good idea...thanks
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from experience tune or no tune all car companies will try as hard as they can to not warranty your car no matter what. they are in business to make money, doing free work does not make money. plus there is a tsb from ford to there techs to look out for any mods done to the mustangs. also i would like to bring up unless your buying cash you might want to look at the interest rates for new and used cars, you may pay more for new but the payment may be the same because you can get a lower interest rate on new
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any Ford dealer can tell you if the car has ever been flashed, anyone buying a used 5.0 should verify this BEFORE committing to a purchase
I bought a 2011 GT last August that I knew had a tune on it due my expiriences with my tuned '05 GT. I didn't like the tune the guy had on it, so I just went into my local Ford dealer one day and told them the truth. I said I had bought the car used, that I thought it had an aftermarket tune on it and I wanted the ECU returned to stock. An hour and a half and $100 later I drove off with a stock tuned car.

I really depends on how your dealer deals with these types of situations.

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"I bought a 2011 GT last August that I knew had a tune on it due my experiences with my tuned '05 GT"
Thats a pretty vague explanation as to how you knew the car was tuned. Can you please elaborate on how you knew it was tuned before having a dealer scan the ECU?
"i need to know if the car has a tune or not"
That is the OPs original question. It was my understanding that a scan with dealer equipment was the only way to know for sure.
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