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Big difference from STOCK air to C&L CAI with Diablo. Diablo to me has a better customer Service and answers emails. I had emailed SCT a few times before buying the item. I am glad I bought the Diablo and would do it again.

Here is a little info , kinda off post

Was running the 87 octane with the C&L CAI and there Tune and on the interstate with cruise set getting 23.5 MPG, I switched over to the 93 octane and on the interstate the other day was getting 24.9 MPG at 70 MPH. ( Advance timming area...11% retard on the 2K-4K setting and 21.5% retard on the 4k-7k area. This was better than the -4 or -5 setting Global) On 87 settings the car would brake traction and maybe leave a little bit of tire on the road , but with the 93 octane it will leave about 40 to 60 feet and Chirp from 1st to 2nd. ( Auto Tranny)

Did not notice any knock in the engine when running 87 octane before the C&L and after adding the C&L had some knock at 5700 rpm and called C&L and spoke to LEE and he help me out on some testing and this is where I got the 11 and 21.5% not the -4 or -5 for the 87 OCtane.:kooky:
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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