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The C&L CAI is a very good addition. I have the Diablo Sport Predator for my tuning of the car. No problems with the DSP, so get the C&L w/the DSP as a package. C&L worked hard with Diablo to get it right. If this is your first tune effort, stay with their package. I have friends who have the SCT XI & XII. Both are good tuners (XII better than XI), but I prefer the DSP. It is a personal choice, so don't let some of us here push you one way or another. Call Lee at C&L and see what he thinks.

It is easy to go back to the factory tune with the DSP for dealer work (SCT II as well). It does take you a little time. You should not have to take the C&L CAI off the car unless you want to do that. Just be careful driving it there and don't push it since the tunes are designed to adjust for the added air flow. The CAI should not void a warranty, but to avoid problems with the As---les at your dealer, re-install the factory tune before taking it in. My dealer has no problems with any of my upgrades. Note...I have the Steeda CAI (Filter and MAF adaptor), but the C&L intake tube installed. Have fun!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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