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C&L intake with the Diablo predator...thoughts?

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Ok, help me this kit worth the money? I have not done any performance tunes yet, and am looking for a good first item to hit. I have read here that the exhaust changes do little other than sound (not including headers or getting rid of the cats). I don't hit the track (and don't know if I can with a convertible), and since I have had a bunch of speeding tickets in the past, the only thrill I have now is quick take-offs from lights, etc.

What do you see for HP gains with the C&L and the Diablo tune? I would be using the 87 octane program now that gas prices are through the roof.

How about factory warranty? I picked up the extended warranty to 70,000, and I hate to make it worthless by adding. The dealership near me has a bunch of #[email protected] working in the service department. I blasted the heck out of them on a survey and I get even worse service now. No other dealerships to go to within an hour's drive either :-(.

How much time does it take to switch back original if needed before taking into a dealership? Can they tell any tuning has been done if you reset it to factory?

Thanks for the input!
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First of all the only available tunes for the C&L are 91 and 93 octane.

I have been using the C&L intake and Diablosport since I received the car in mid April. This morning I decided to do a little testing since the car is now broken in.

I bought the standard u7140 Predator and downloaded the C&L tunes from the Diablosport website. This permits me to run with or without the C&L intake.

There are more advantages than just performance to the predator. I no longer feel any lag between stepping on the accelerator and the engine reacting.

Just to give you an idea I was at the track today and these are my results on stock tires.

Stock intake and stock tune 2.094 60ft. 13.757 @ 102.630 mph.
Stock intake and Diablo tune 2.041 60ft. 13.535 @ 104.577 mph.
C&L and Diablo 93 octane tune 1.954 60ft. 13.274 @ 107.453 mph.

On drag radials I ran a 13.053 @ 101.018 on the brakes.
I was trying not to break out since I was bracket racing .
kj_cinci said:
Odd Job... do a search... the C&L and the tuners have been up 100's of times... read some of the old posts and I'm sure you can make an educated decition!

For what it's worth I'd go with the JLT CAI and the X-Cal-II... or, C&L with the X-Cal-II, in that order... the Predator is good but the X is better, and for the same $$$ it should be a no brainer...?!?
I beg to differ I personally know of someone who is an X-Cal-II dealer who locked up a computer on his own 05 GT . The car was sent to a Ford dealer who was unable to get into the computer. It was then sent to SCT and no go. It took a new computer (2 weeks delivery) $1100.00 and a a couple of days of lost labor before the car was back on the road. Was it just a bad computer or was the X-Cal-II to blame?

I think a head to head comparisson is in order.

Anyone want to send me an X-Cal_2:hihi:
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