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C&L intake with the Diablo predator...thoughts?

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Ok, help me this kit worth the money? I have not done any performance tunes yet, and am looking for a good first item to hit. I have read here that the exhaust changes do little other than sound (not including headers or getting rid of the cats). I don't hit the track (and don't know if I can with a convertible), and since I have had a bunch of speeding tickets in the past, the only thrill I have now is quick take-offs from lights, etc.

What do you see for HP gains with the C&L and the Diablo tune? I would be using the 87 octane program now that gas prices are through the roof.

How about factory warranty? I picked up the extended warranty to 70,000, and I hate to make it worthless by adding. The dealership near me has a bunch of #[email protected] working in the service department. I blasted the heck out of them on a survey and I get even worse service now. No other dealerships to go to within an hour's drive either :-(.

How much time does it take to switch back original if needed before taking into a dealership? Can they tell any tuning has been done if you reset it to factory?

Thanks for the input!
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Has anyone gotten custom tuning done for the Predator?

How did it work out?

thanx in advance :worship
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