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Cabin Air Filter????

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Anyone ever see these before? This looks actually really usefu, although I don't have AC I still use heating in the car since it rains a lot here in Canada and the carpets do get that wet carpet smell sometimes and the box that takes in air is right over the passengers feet... What do people think about it? 87-93 Mustang Cabin Air Filtration Kit [2010-017] - $89.95 : Pony R Parts!, Quality Parts - Ford Mustang Parts & Accessories here's a video for the product
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Looks interesting. Do you live in a dusty area? I don't imagine that would help much with the musty smell. You may want to consider having an Ozium or similar treatment done on the HVAC system.
I was actually thinking about getting a treatment done to the HVAC system since the car sat for like 10 years with no use till I started using it and when ever I turn in the vents it shoots out stuff lol that's why I only use feet and window defrost lol I thought it would help keep dust out and maybe if I used a scented one it would make it smell a bit better but I'll look into both as I've never seen a cabin filter for the car before and it looks really interesting and cool lol
They should be replaced about every 15k miles. They do work well but are an often neglected part of maintenance of many newer vehicles. An old filter can develop bad smells, cause decreased HVAC system performance and basically all the same symptoms of clogged HVAC filters in home systems.
Well fox's don't have cabin filters! I'm sure you knew that though lol :grin: I don't know if I want to spend 90 USD plus shipping though I might try to find a way to make one myself lol
Looks like this is a addition to or conversion for the fox body. I would send them a e-mail for info. Like said I am assuming. Maurice
It is something that they created as no fox body mustangs came with cabin air filters, at least all the ones that I've seen haven't! I'm going to see if I can make my own as it looks useful :)
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