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Cable clutch friendly long tube headers?

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I'm going to post this in 5.0 and classic tech since it applies to both.
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What I have:
I have '65 mustang with a '86 302 block with '85 mustang HO heads and a '95 T5 I added in. I originally had Headman long tube headers that were set up for the manual shift linkage on my old 3 speed.

My issue:
When I added the T5 I switched from manual linkage to a cable clutch but this puts the cable running through the headers(like the manual linkage did). And even with heat shielding it's just to hot and starting to melt the linkage shield(which is what I figured would happen).

I decided my best bet would be to change headers from the '65 long tubes to '85 long tubes(in most cases the '95 headers were the same part number). I know that some '85 mustangs had standard transmissions with cable clutch. The issue is the Flowtech headers I bought must be for an automatic as it puts the tubes in direct path with the shift fork.

Does anyone know of any cable clutch friendly long tube headers for this engine/transmission set up or would it be easier to get 5/8 tubing and modify my headmans? I'm not trying to break my bank with $900 headers either, I'd like to keep cost around $200. Anyone got any input on this?

Also the Flow Tech's were a horrendous fit, One tube sticks out 3inches for no apparent reason...
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IMHO, although I appreciate your desire for long tubes, on a street engine, they have really minimal performance bene's as compared to "shorties" until you get to well over 5500 rpm. IMHO, go with a set of shorties, it will make your life much better from both install, maintenance and repairs
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Thanks beech, I really like the sound that comes from long tubes. I would like in the future to put a turbo on this engine, I saw a set of shorties with a turbo mount on them. If I thought I could make a plate and plug them for now then I wouldn't mind going that route? I already have the turbos and intercooler on the shelf with some of the piping.
FYI, there is really very little difference in sound between short, mid & long headers actually on these engines. But I think your idea of the block off plate for the future turbo is a great idea!
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